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  • Wargaming Parental Privacy Summary
  • Wargaming Parental Privacy Summary

    Wargaming collects information about individuals that use our products and services, for example, when someone signs up to use one of our games, plays our games, or visits this website. We appreciate that some of our players are children under 18 years old, we have therefore implemented specific measures to protect the rights of your children when they use our services.

    We are committed to making sure that our games offer an enjoyable experience for all, however we understand that parents and legal guardians may have their own views on how their children should play games and so we have created our parental control dashboard.

    Children under 18 years old will be asked to enter their parent or legal guardian’s email address when they register to play our games. As a parent or legal guardian, you will then be able to control some of your child’s game activities.

    You will be able to implement certain protections through our parental control dashboard, such as set limits on your child’s playtime and request reports on your child’s playtime.

    You (or your child) can tell us if any of the information we store about your child is wrong or if you think we should delete some of the information or stop using it in a certain way. Your child can see their information at any time via their Wargaming account.

    Your child can also use the settings and controls in our games to change who they can and cannot talk to in-game, block other players, or report them to us for breaking our rules.

    You can find out more about how we use your child’s information and their rights in our privacy policy here. You may also find useful to read our FAQ articles we published for our games World of Tanks here, World of Warships here, World of Tanks Blitz here, and World of Warplanes here.

    If you are worried about how we handle any of your child’s information, you (or your child) can also email us at, or speak to your national data protection authority.