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Below, you’ll find legal documents for Wargaming products.

  • Game and Clan Rules for World of Warships
  • Game and Clan Rules for World of Warships

    1. General Provisions

    1.01. All players are solely responsible for their behavior in the Game, including public and battle chats. Players are responsible for protecting their Accounts from access by others and are strongly encouraged to select a hard-to-guess password and not re-use it on any other sites where it may be read by the owners or administrators of that site. It is highly discouraged for users to share accounts with others. Account sharing/selling is a serious violation of these Rules and the End User License Agreement (“EULA”). Wargaming will not responsible for any loss or damage caused by Account selling or sharing. In the case of an Account that has been lost or hacked, please inform Wargaming Support immediately through their websites:

    ASIA/APAC realm
    EU realm
    NA realm

    1.02. Wargaming decides whether a violation has occurred using its reasonable discretion and reserves the right to evaluate each incident on a case by case basis. The action that may be taken may be more lenient or more severe depending on the nature and circumstances of the violation.

    2. Prohibited uses, restrictions and conditions of use

    You agree not to do any of the following while accessing or using the Game, Game chats, and any other communication channels provided by Wargaming:

    2.01 Transmit, or facilitate the transmission of, any content that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, tortious, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, that may be invasive of another’s right of privacy or publicity, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;

    2.02 Impersonate or imitate any individual, entity or service relating to Wargaming, including but not limited to, a website, official, employee, representative or agent (or a website, official, employee, representative or agent of Wargaming’s affiliates, licensors, or licensees), forum leader, guide, or host or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity;

    2.03 Post, transmit or facilitate the transmission of any user content that you do not have a right to transmit, under any law or under contractual or fiduciary relationships (such as nondisclosure agreements);

    2.04 Transmit or facilitate the transmission of any user content that contains a virus, corrupted data, trojan horse, bot, keystroke logger, worm, time bomb, cancelbot or other computer programming routines that are intended to and/or actually damage, detrimentally interfere with, surreptitiously intercept or mine, scrape or expropriate any system, data or personal information;

    2.05 Delete any author attributions, legal notices or proprietary designations or labels that you upload to or through Wargaming’s communication channels;

    2.06 Use a Wargaming’s communication channels in a manner that adversely affects the availability of its resources to other users (e.g., excessive shouting (use of all caps), flooding (continuous posting of repetitive text) or excessively large embedded images);

    2.07 Transmit or facilitate the transmission of any unsolicited advertising, promotional materials, “junk mail”, “spam”, “chain letters”, “pyramid schemes” or any other form of solicitation;

    2.08 Intentionally or unintentionally violate any applicable local, state, national or international law, rule or regulation;

    2.09 Post, transmit or facilitate the transmission of any user content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party;

    2.10 Transmit any user content to a Wargaming’s communication channels which discloses your or any other person’s personal information;

    2.11 Transmit or facilitate the transmission of any content to an e-mail address, messenger-feature address or other location that is not yours or to which you do not have the expressly authorized right to use without securing the prior authorization of such other person or entity;

    2.12 Use cheating and hacking. Any kind of cheating or hacking which is concluded by our assessment of a player’s results will not be tolerated. The hacker’s information including the current IP address will be recorded for future reference and investigation. By using the Game and associated websites and services you agree to immediately report to Wargaming any hacking tools if known that can potentially harm the Game and associated websites and services for further investigation;

    2.13 Transmit unsolicited advertising, promotional materials, “junk mails”, “spam”, “chain letters” or other forms of solicitation. Advertising may include, but is not limited to, the repeated posting of website links through any of the in-game methods of communication. Links to sites, images and/or video may also be considered as advertising and so such actions are considered prohibited;

    2.14 Slander and deception of Wargaming staff. Wargaming staff is to be as impartial and unbiased as possible. If there is an issue with the performance of Wargaming staff, the players are to send a report to World of Warships Support at the above links, so the issue can be taken under investigation. Openly offending Wargaming staff, withholding information, or openly deceiving community managers, as well as contradicting their words, actions, and decisions can lead to various penalties depending on the situation. Offenses in this category go through a thorough analysis before punishment is given.

    2.15 Modify any files that Wargaming does not specifically authorize users to modify. Use of material, which is subject to the rights of any person or entity without the express permission of such rights holder, is prohibited, and will result in the termination of the Account and possible civil and/or criminal liability;

    2.16 Exploit errors in design, features which are not documented and/or bugs to gain access that would otherwise not be available or to obtain any competitive advantage;

    2.17 Reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble all or any portion of the Game and associated websites or services.

    2.18 Creating or using multiple accounts for the purpose of exploiting game mechanics and/or gaining an unfair advantage; for the purpose of evading sanctions; or for the purpose of repetitive or excessive rule violations.

    2.19 The process of or attempt of selling or purchasing of Game Accounts, currency or modify any of the products or related products or use the affiliated graphics without our consent for either real money or in another game currency/items is not permitted. Any players found doing so will get their accounts permanently banned. Players who also state that they intend to carry out this process will be handled the same as those who have carried out the action.

    3. Prohibitions, restrictions and conditions of use (for all Game chats and channels).

    You agree not to do any of the following while using the Game or any Wargaming game chat or channel.

    3.01. Excessive profanity and inappropriate language are not welcome. It is suggested to ensure that the censor filter is switched on. The censor filter is not an excuse to break the existing Game and chat rules, and excessive profanity will still be sanctioned.

    3.02. Typing in such a way as to bypass the censor filter is prohibited.

    3.03. Insults, personal attacks, abuse, or harassment are not tolerated on any level.

    3.04. Derogatory comments based on race, nationality, religion, culture, sex, or sexual preference are prohibited.

    3.05. Allusion of racial or national supremacy, as well as discriminative propaganda on any level is prohibited.

    3.06. Spamming or posting nonsensical messages is prohibited in the game and battle chats. This also includes excessive use of caps, as well as excessive posting of battle results.

    3.07. Begging/soliciting in any form is prohibited in all game chats and channels. Begging/soliciting includes but is not limited to requesting users to transfer real money to the virtual wallet, asking for additional credits, and requesting to transfer in-game currency.

    3.08. All types of ads for sale, exchange, or other options for the transfer of accounts from one user to another violate the EULA and are prohibited in all Game chats and channels.

    3.09. Distribution of user’s personal information without their consent is prohibited.

    3.10. Slandering users or posting false information about users in all game chats and channels is prohibited.

    3.11. Attempting to extort information from users, including information necessary for the use of their Account is prohibited.

    3.12. Discussion of, or linking to, illegal activities, such as illicit drugs, is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to the linking of, or discussion of, websites dedicated to vulgar, racist, abusive, illegal, or any other content prohibited by the EULA, or linking to the resources that contain such advertisement or content.

    3.13. Discussion on, or linking to, unreleased content, cheats, hacks, Trojan horses, or malicious programs is prohibited. If you suspect that a cheat or hack exists or have any other problems or concerns on these topics, provide the necessary information to Wargaming Support at the above links.

    3.14. Discussion on, advertising of, or linking to websites, in relation to the selling of doubloons, credits, promotional codes, leveling services, or game accounts is prohibited.

    3.15. Threats of destroying allied ships as well as threats to disclose ally positions to enemies, regardless of whether the threat was carried out or not, are prohibited.

    3.16. Death threats and other threats of violence in real life directed either against individual users, game masters, or administration of the Game, are prohibited.

    3.17. All types of advertising messages are prohibited in general and battle chats. With the exception that World of Warships related advertising, such as division forming, team recruiting, clan recruiting, is permitted with the following restrictions: it may contain no more than three (3) lines on a standard chat window and be posted no more than once every 15 minutes within the port chats or once per game in battle.

    3.18. Mentioning and discussing of other games is permitted, but should be discontinued if the discussion turns into a direct promotion of another game.

    3.19. Discussion of social, religious, political, illegal or other controversial topics that may create offense is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to topics prone to big argument or negative portrayal of religious and political figures.

    3.20. Discussion of decisions or sanctions made by game masters or administration of the Game in all game chats and channels is prohibited.

    3.21. Any provocations of other players to violate these Rules, the EULA, and other Wargaming policies is strictly prohibited.

    3.22. Any statements or other actions that violate any applicable laws or regulations are strictly prohibited and will be strongly suppressed.

    3.23. Any attempt to create nicknames, groups, or organized communities of players associated in any fashion with organizations which violate any applicable laws or regulations is prohibited. This includes but not limited to, direct or indirect references to Nazi symbols, abbreviations, and well known leaders.

    3.24. The use of copyrighted, trademarked, patented, classified, or restricted material or information and the violation of any rights of any party, including rights of privacy or publicity is prohibited.

    4. Names (Players and Clans), Avatars, Images/Video, Signatures & Clan logos

    Certain content for names, avatars, images/video, signatures & clan logos, have no place on the World of Warships forums or within the World of Warships game, due to their extremely offensive, annoying or inappropriate nature. The following list is only a summary, but it gives some idea of names, images, signatures, avatars and clan logos which are not accepted in the World of Warships environment:

    Names, Avatars, Images/Video, Signatures & Clan logos that

    4.01 contain profanity, including its abbreviated form.

    4.02 contain insults, personal attacks, abuse or harassment.

    4.03 contain unprintable words or abbreviations, or which are unattractive and/or unreadable.

    4.04 either in whole or partly contain copyrighted or registered trade mark elements.

    4.05 have (in any way) racist or nationalistic implications which may create offense to a certain nation, ethnic, religious or racial group.

    4.06 contain an allusion of racial or national supremacy, as well as discriminative propaganda on any level.

    4.07 contain insults or derogatory comments based on race, nationality, religion, culture, mental stature, sex, or sexual preference

    4.08 have an association with sexuality, pedophilia, sexual abuse; or have an offensive connection to the human body or bodily functions.

    4.09 contain nudity, sexually explicit material or content that is otherwise deemed inappropriate.

    4.10 contain excessive gore or violence, or are obscene/vulgar.

    4.11 make reference to addictive or illegal substances or their use, or any other illegal activities.

    4.12 that contain logotypes, symbols, emblems or figures connected in one way or another with organizations that violate or violated laws and regulations (for example, different variations of Nazi symbols, abridgments and signs [88, 14, 420, SS], or similar stylizing [such as 55] as well as credentials, names and surnames of Nazi leaders are prohibited);

    4.13 contain reference to current mainstream religions that may create offense, i.e. names such as God, Jesus, Allah, etc.

    4.14 are connected with negative historical or political personalities, first of all those who are judged by international courts for crimes against humanity, those that generally arouse feelings of suffering or disgust in the majority of people, as well as members of currently existing terrorist organizations;

    4.15 that refer to social, religious, political, illegal, or other controversial topics and are likely to create offence, including topics prone to big argument, or provoking strong negative reaction/association, or promoting national/ethnic/religious hatred;

    4.16 negatively portrays the projects staff, or administration;

    4.17 refer to account leveling and selling or any other commercial activity;

    4.18 in any other manner violates the EULA or local laws.

    either implicitly or explicitly are prohibited (this also includes links to websites containing the above). If names (player or clan), avatars, signatures, images/video, clan logos within the forums or within the Game violate these Rules, the Account may be changed, sanctioned, or suspended. Moreover, the administration reserves the right to delete, update, or modify any inappropriate names (player or clans), avatars, images or clan logos that are on the forums or in the Game.

    5. Inappropriate conduct in game / Fair play principles

    The following actions (and similar actions) are prohibited in game:

    5.01. Intentionally damaging ships belonging to a player on the same team (team damage).

    5.02. Intentionally destroying ships belonging to a player on the same team (team kill).

    5.03. Intentionally blocking (blocking from front and rear) ships belonging to a player on the same team.

    5.04. Intentionally propping (blocking on one side, where the other side of a user’s ships touches a fixed indestructible obstacle, preventing free movement) ships belonging to a player on the same team.

    5.05. Intentionally informing participants of the opposing team through battle or voice chat or through any other communication tool about the location of ships belonging to players of the same team.

    5.06. Intentionally exploiting the physics system to damage an allied ship. This includes, but is not limited to, pushing an allied ship into the line of fire, pushing allied ships into islands, etc.

    5.07. Using bots, clickers, macros, keyboard and mouse recorders, or any other similar methods that enables gameplay without the participation or with passive participation of the player in the battle.

    5.08. Repetitive and excessive passive play

    6. Rules Enforcement

    The ‘Anti-Abuse System’ is the system which tracks Users whose behavior does not comply with the current rules and adversely affects the game of the entire team.

    6.01 When a User violates the rules, is “AFK” in battle, or attacks allies, the system first simply prompts such Users to think about their behavior and start playing fairly, while the Users’s nickname turns pink. The warning itself contains information about what the User was punished for.

    6.02. If, after the first warning, the User continues to violate the rules of fair play, the next step of the system will be to prohibit access to all types of battles, except for co-op battles, clan battles, and training room, while the User’s nickname will turn orange – but only in the port. To return to battles against other players and gain access to other types of battles, the User will have to take part in several co-op battles against bots. The User must still observe the rules of the Game and contribute to the battle.

    6.03 Access to clan battles is not prohibited even with the offender status. Punishment for misconduct in this battle mode will be given by the clan leader. For example, a leader can dismiss a User from participating in clan battles, but cannot directly affect the User’s status in the system. If the User demonstrates unsporting conduct in clan battles, he or she can get rid of the offender status in co-op battles only.

    6.04 Variants of Unsporting Conduct (the conditions for determining the unsporting conduct do not change, so we remind you of the main criteria for each of the violations):

    6.04.1 Inactivity in battle: for cruisers, destroyers, and battleships, the system takes into account such “activity indicators” as the minimum distance covered, participation in the capturing and defending of key areas, and damage caused to enemy ships with the main battery, torpedoes, or by ramming. In this case, the minimum distance covered is calculated in such a way that if a fixed ship is “pushed”, it is not considered active. If you don’t want the system to consider you an offender, you must fulfill at least one of the conditions. Aircraft carriers are considered to be inactive if none of the following conditions are met: destruction of enemy aircraft, damage to enemy ships and aviation by any means (AA guns, secondary battery, ramming) and loss of own aircraft.

    6.04.2 Damage Caused to Allies/Destroying an Allied Ship: Damage is measured as a percentage of the total HP pool of an allied ship. If damage is caused to multiple allies, the percentage values will sum up. Hitting allies with torpedoes will be taken into account at all times. Like in the case of destroying an allied ship, damage caused to your teammates can lead to restrictions in access to some types of battles. Also, do not forget about the mirror damage caused to the offenders’ ships after their nicknames turn pink, and about penalties to their credits and experience depending on their battle results. We remind you that “mirror damage” is the damage caused to your ship in response to your damaging of allied ships.

    6.04.3 Fleeing the Battlefield

    Fleeing the battlefield is defined as being active for less than 75% of the duration of a battle (either by your own choice or in the case of technical failure). Example: a player participates in battle for 7.5 minutes, saves the ship, and leaves the battle before it ends. If the duration of the battle is more than 10 minutes, the player will receive a corresponding warning or even punishment, if there are other violations on the account.

    6.05 In connection with the introduction of Automated Anti-Abuse system, here is the uniform measures that can be taken against offenders: 5-14 days game ban.

    6.06 Automated Anti-Abuse System is not meant to substitute the Support service team. The system aims at making their work easier. The most difficult cases thereby will be solved individually via Support service team.

    7. Clan Management

    7.01. Administration does not bear responsibility for any inner-clan management actions.
    Clan leaders are heeded to take care when selecting clan members (especially whilst assigning clan members to important roles such as the Deputy Commanders & Treasurers). Wargaming will not and does not get involved with internal clan politics. If a User who has been given access to withdraw doubloons then withdraws doubloons from the clan, or a player who has been given access to remove players then removes players from the clan. this is normal clan operations and will not be investigated by Wargaming.

    8. Game Client Modifications (“Mods”)

    The use of Mods in World of Warships shall be governed by the Mod Policy posted at the following links:

    ASIA/APAC realm
    EU realm
    NA realm

    9. Official Language

    9.01 General chat. The preferred language of the in-game port-chat & company lobby is any of our supported languages (English, Spanish, and Portuguese). Players who wish to communicate in their native language are urged to do so in channels created specifically for their language.

    9.02. In-Game Battles. The preferred language is English, but non-English is acceptable. Please be tolerant of those who have difficulty speaking English.

    10. Important/Miscellaneous

    10.01. Repeated violations any area of these Rules or the EULA, including the areas detailed above, will often result in permanent suspension from the Game and/or forums.

    10.02. This policy is not language-restrictive. Language that falls under this policy will always be subject to the repercussions listed, whether it is inappropriate in English or any other language.

    10.03. Players may provide feedback or address any concerns to: Wargaming Support (including forum and game suspension appeals) at the above links.


    By creating/joining and/or managing a clan, players of World of Warships understand, accept and agree that all the rules, agreements, policies and other documents adopted by the players when registered (created accounts) in World of Warships (hereinafter referred to as the “User Agreement”) shall apply to creation, entry, management, and other use of the clans in the Game.


    1. Clan registration is offered to you on a fee basis. The registration fee will be automatically charged from the account of the player creating a clan at the moment of registration.

    2. The maximum number of members in a newly created clan is 30. This number may subsequently be increased using methods available in the game.

    3. The clan name consists of the full name and tag (abbreviation).

    4. The full clan name can contain lowercase and uppercase characters of the Latin, Cyrillic, and other national alphabets, spaces, digits, hyphens (-) and underscores (_).

    5. The full clan name must not exceed 70 characters.

    6. The tag can contain only uppercase Latin characters, hyphen, underscore and digits.

    7. The tag must be from 2 to 5 characters in length.

    8. Both the full name and tag are unique within World of Warships, case insensitive. During name verification the case is not considered.

    9. The clan creator can enter a Clan Description in the corresponding field. The Clan Description can contain lowercase and uppercase characters of the Latin, Cyrillic, and other national alphabets, spaces, digits, hyphens (-) and underscores (_). The maximum length of a Clan Description is 500 characters.

    10. Full and abbreviated clan names, tags and descriptions must not:

    10.1. Be implicitly or explicitly connected to any organizations, historical or political representatives, including those convicted of crimes against mankind, that thus cause negative reaction of considerable number of people, or to any representatives or names of terrorist organizations, including currently operating ones. Violation example: Nazi attributes, abbreviations or symbols of any kind, e.g. “SS”, as well as names, last names or initials of Nazi representatives.

    10.2. Contain a reference to racial or national superiority, as well as promote discrimination in any form.

    10.3. Imply any insult or obscenity in any language.

    10.4. Be related to pedophilia, incapability/disability or consequences of harassment.

    10.5. Insult in any way a certain ethnic or racial group.

    10.6. Implicitly or explicitly be associated with sexual intercourse or violence.

    10.7. Describing the lower biological functions and reflexes of man or animals.

    10.8. Implicitly or explicitly promote, refer to or use alcohol or drugs.

    10.9. Contain copyrighted or registered trademark elements in whole or in part.

    10.10. Contain information that could lead to erroneous perception of the clan as a clan of the Wargaming.

    10.11. Contain obscene acronyms, expressions or phrases.

    10.12. Violate the terms of the User Agreement between the Players and the Wargaming in any way, including the legislation.

    10.13. Contain links to other Internet resources, except for references to the resources of World of Warships.

    10.14. Contain of imply any membership fees required to join or be a member of the clan.

    Both the full name and the tag as well as mottoes and clan descriptions must not violate the points above.

    Any full and abbreviated clan names, tags, as well as descriptions of clans that violate the above rules, must be changed and brought into compliance with the rules. Depending on the severity of the naming offense, the clan may be offered a warning and asked to change the offending item or that item will be automatically renamed by Wargaming. In particularly obvious and serious situations, the action taken can include disbanding of the clan and the permanent blocking of access to the Game of accounts of its participants, especially in case of complaints from interested parties or rights holders. In these cases, the fee spent on creating the full and abbreviated names (tags) and descriptions of clans that violate the Rules, are not returned.
    Wargaming is not responsible for multiple clans creating similar clan-tags and clan names. No administrative measures will be taken against such clans.

    The clan whose full or abbreviated name is deemed violating the rules can be disbanded without reimbursement of the registration fee. Wargaming has the right but is not obliged to give the clan violating the rules up to 24 hours to eliminate the violation.

    11. Any violation of these Rules automatically entail the violation of the User Agreement or other similar document governing the use of the respective game and shall give grounds for sanctions against the clan creator or other person having the authority to manage the clan.

    12. The properties of special violations specific to clans:

    12.1. The direct sale of places/slots in clans for obtaining game items, achievements or any other type of profit is prohibited. This includes any type of joining or membership fees which are not established within the mechanics of the game.

    12.2. Any types of contractual battles, i.e. match rigging, including deliberate losses (throwing games) or excessively passive behavior of both teams at once (forced draw) are prohibited.

    13. In the case of several players from the clan make repeated violation of the Clan Rules, the Game Rules or User Agreement, Wargaming has the right to reset the clan’s progress in the ladder, to remove any buildings on the clan base, to remove clan resources and to disband such a clan without any reimbursement to the clan and individual players. Members of a clan that committed violations of article 12 may be deprived of game items or achievements for which the rules were violated or to have access to their game accounts restricted, up to and including a permanent ban.

    14. Each case of violation of these clan rules is considered separately. The severity of the violation is determined by Wargaming.

    15. Complaints related to clans’ internal conflicts are not considered by Wargaming. Responsibility for resolving conflict situations rests with the commanders of the clan, their deputies and the authorized persons appointed by them. Assigning the clan members to the position of an officer and other clan positions, the clan commander confirms the powers of the relevant persons. In turn, ordinary members accept the internal rules of the clan, entering into it.