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404 Below, you’ll find legal documentation for all Wargaming.net products & services.

  • Game Rules for World of Tanks Blitz
  • Game Rules for World of Tanks Blitz

    General Provisions

    All players are solely responsible for their behavior in the Game, including public and battle chats. Players are responsible for protecting their Accounts from access by others and are strongly encouraged to select a hard-to-guess password and not re-use it on any other sites where it may be read by the owners or administrators of that site. It is highly discouraged for users to share accounts with others. Account sharing/selling is a serious violation of these Rules and the End User License Agreement (“EULA”). Wargaming will not responsible for any loss or damage caused by Account selling or sharing. In the case of an Account that has been lost or hacked, please inform Wargaming Support immediately through their website.

    Wargaming decides whether a violation has occurred using its reasonable discretion and reserves the right to evaluate each incident on a case by case basis. The action that may be taken may be more lenient or more severe depending on the nature and circumstances of the violation.

    1. In-Game Prohibitions

    The following actions are prohibited in the Game, general game and other channels:

    1.1. Using profanity, disguised profanity, other swear words or abusive language (insults) in conversation with others.

    Disguised profanity is deemed equivalent to swear words, including expletives and swear words and phrases spelled with grammatical errors or with intentional substitution, splitting or deletion of characters. Rude, abusive, and offensive language that is outside what is considered polite communication shall also be prohibited.

    1.2. The posting of information aimed at distracting users from the topic of conversation and the Game (flooding). A detailed description of flooding is provided in Clause 2.2 of the Game Rules.

    1.3. Begging/Soliciting (requests to transfer real money, in-game gold, in-game assets, etc.) in any form aimed at individual or all users.

    1.4. Using the Account of another user, sale, transfer, purchase of an Account, including by exchange or as a gift.

    It is prohibited to post information, including in game channels and descriptions of training rooms, with an intention to transfer, sell to another user, or purchase an Account or Additional Features, including rights to use the in-game currency, premium vehicles, and a premium account. This prohibition shall also apply to any sale and purchase of a clan.

    1.5. Using offensive or derogatory comments based on race, nationality, religion, or gender.

    1.6. Disseminating the personal information of third parties, including home addresses, telephone numbers, passport data, without their consent.

    1.7. Posting false information about the Game, the Administration, moderators, users, and other persons.

    1.8. Obtaining or soliciting personal information from users, including usernames and passwords to Accounts, or e-mail addresses.

    It is forbidden to post information of any nature in order to gain access to the Accounts and personal data of users, and to perpetrate financial scams and commit electronic fraud. Such information shall include, among other things:

    • Posting links to third-party resources disguised as Wargaming’s official resources;
    • Sending any personal messages to users on behalf of the Administration and moderators, including any proposal to transfer data or install software;
    • Impersonating representatives of the Administration or moderators.

    1.9. Placing pornographic and erotic materials or links to such in the Game.

    1.10. Direct or indirect promotion or mentioning of drugs and alcohol.

    1.11. Threats against users, the Administration, Moderators, or other persons.

    1.12. Posting advertising messages of any kind, including offers regarding bonus codes and Additional Features, including in-game currency, premium vehicles, and premium accounts, levelling-up of Accounts, help in the Game, etc. Among other things, such violations shall include the posting of information in the form of links to internet resources, with the exception of links to Wargaming resources or fan resources approved by the Administration. Advertisements for approved resources that have been granted permission by the Administration may be placed in the game channel no more than once every five minutes. No mention or discussion of other games shall be permitted.

    1.13. Discussing issues of contemporary politics or other controversial topics as prone to big argument or knowingly provoking conflicts. It shall also be prohibited to reduce military history discussions to discussions about current political issues.

    1.14. Insulting the Administration or moderators, as well as discussing their actions in any form.

    1.15. Instigating or provoking users to violate the Game Rules, EULA, and other rules.

    1.16. Unsporting behavior in any form, including informing members of the opposing team about the location of one’s own team’s vehicles. Unsporting behavior shall also include the cases referred to in Clause 2.1 of the Game Rules.

    1.17. Disseminating information that is directly or indirectly connected with organizations, historical or political figures convicted by international tribunals or recognized as terrorist, a menace to the public, and illegal. Among other things, violations include the use of Nazi symbols, terms, and designations (for example, “SS”), as well as the names of relevant historical figures.

    1.18. Using directly or indirectly the following nicknames and other names in the Game (except for clan names, which are regulated separately):

    1.18.1. those in violation of clause 1.13 or 1.17.

    1.18.2. those that sow discord on the basis of race, nationality, religion, or gender.

    1.18.3. those that contain profane, rude, abusive, or offensive language or abbreviations.

    1.18.4. those directly or indirectly related to sexual intercourse or violence.

    1.18.5. those related to descriptions of the body, its biological functions or developmental features.

    1.18.6. those containing the intellectual property of third parties without the consent of the copyright holders.

    1.18.7. those containing information that may result in the user being mistaken for a representative of the Administration or moderators.

    1.18.8. those containing direct or indirect promotion, as well as any mention of drugs or alcohol.

    1.18.9. those pointing to actions prohibited by the EULA, the Game Rules, other Wargaming rules or legislation.

    If nicknames violate the Game Rules, they must be changed. In this case, the respective Accounts shall be blocked for a period required for them to be renamed, or renamed by force.

    In the event that a player is inactive in the Game, the Administration reserves the right to unilaterally change their nickname. Ten days before the change of the nickname, the Administration shall notify the player accordingly. If the player does not enter the Game or perform other actions specified in the notice within ten days of being notified, the nickname may be changed.

    1.19. Using or distributing information about methods of causing damage to the Game, the Administration, users, or other persons (bot programs, prohibited modes to the Game, geodata bugs (maps), information about vulnerabilities of the game client and the websites, etc.).

    1.20. Obtaining in-game assets, achievements, and Additional Features, including the in-game currency, premium vehicles, and a premium account, in violation of the Game Rules, the EULA, other Wargaming rules, or individual promotion and contest rules.

    1.21. Disseminating any confidential information about the Games and their development plans. Such information shall include any information that is not published as official news or press releases on Wargaming resources.

    1.22. Using the Game in ways not allowed by the EULA, the Game Rules, or other Wargaming rules, as well as those that go beyond the normal gameplay process.

    1.23. Performing actions or posting information that, in the opinion of the Administration, violates the law, standards of morality or ethics, or is undesirable.

    2. Features of individual violations

    Please note that any violation of the rules in Clause 2.1 shall result in access to the Game or Account in general being blocked.

    2.1. Along with other forms of unsporting behavior, the following shall be prohibited:

    2.1.1. Rigged battles or similar actions of any kind (except for training rooms) to achieve high stats, in-game awards, etc.

    2.1.2. Levelling-up of other users’ Accounts, as well as any other unsporting assistance.

    2.1.3. Blocking or performing similar actions in relation to the vehicles of a player in the user’s team. Complaints of such behavior shall be received by Player Support. The complaint must be accompanied by a replay, i.e. a record of the battle made using the special function in the Game.

    2.1.4. Passive (pacifist) behavior towards members of another team, clan, or clan alliance.

    2.1.5. Running more than one copy of the game on the same device, except where the test and full versions of the game are being used at the same time.

    2.1.6. Using programs that imitate actions of users in the Game (bots), clicker programs, keyboard and mouse control macros, and other similar methods of accumulating in-game achievements.

    2.1.7. Other forms of unsporting behavior at the discretion of the Administration.

    2.2. Flooding in the Game is completely prohibited. Flooding is understood to be, among other things:

    2.2.1. mass mailing of information that the user did not request, in which they did not show interest, or to which they did not consent (spamming).

    2.2.2. excessive hyphenation (splitting a sentence into separate words).

    2.2.3. repetitive duplication of similar messages; creating nonsense messages.

    2.2.4. repetitive duplication of the results of battles in the Game channels.

    2.2.5. Abuse of recruiting, i.e. advertising and searching for players, groups of players, and tournaments. Advertising from one group of players more often than once within five minutes shall be deemed to be abuse.

    2.2.6. excessive use of messages written in the UPPER CASE.

    2.2.7. excessive use of punctuation marks.

    2.2.8. excessive use of in-game emoticons.

    2.2.9. posting information unrelated to the topic of the respective channel.

    2.3. The official language of communication shall be English. The use of other languages is permitted in combat, tournament, clan, platoon channels and personal messages, as well as in channels specially created for communication in these languages.

    3. Moderators

    3.1. The channel moderator is a volunteer assistant of the Administration. Moderators will be selected by the Administration at its sole discretion and this decision shall not be up for debate.

    3.2. The Moderator’s responsibilities:

    3.2.1. to monitor communication in the channels.

    3.2.2. to impose restrictions on users who violate the EULA, the Game Rules, or other Wargaming rules.

    3.3. The Moderator shall not be obligated to:

    3.3.1. answer the users’ questions (answers to questions shall be given at the discretion of the Moderator);

    3.3.2. caution the user about restrictions in case of violations – post-moderation shall apply (it shall be left to the discretion of the Moderator whether to warn the user about the imposition of restrictions);

    3.3.3. explain to the users the reasons why a restriction was imposed.

    4. Clans

    Clans in the Game shall be governed by World of Tanks Blitz Clan Rules.

    5. Complaints regarding violations

    If the Game Rules do not provide for automatic monitoring of certain categories of violations, complaints about the actions of users, the Administration, and the moderators shall be sent to Player Support according to the Player Support Rules.