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  • Player Content Policy
  • Player Content Policy

    Last updated: 19 September 2022.

    Wargaming greatly values and appreciates the creativity and passion our players invest in our games, and we are excited to see what you create. While we strongly welcome player creativity, we must also ensure that our games and intellectual property are sufficiently protected.

    The Player Content Policy (the “Policy”) aims to provide you (the “Player” or “you”) with straightforward and easy-to-understand rules when creating content based on our games, logos, assets, artworks, music, and any other intellectual property that belongs to us (“Wargaming IP”).

    Player content includes artworks, screenshots, music, sounds, recordings, fan art, let’s play and gameplay videos, modifications, fan webpages and any other type of works you create based on Wargaming IP (“Player Content”).

    We reserve the right to modify and update this Policy at any time. If we update this Policy, we will post the revised version on our legal pages.

    Before you create and share any Player Content, we highly recommend that you carefully read this Policy, as any Player Content that fails to follow these rules is prohibited and constitutes a material breach of the End User Licence Agreement (“EULA”).

    1. Permitted Use of Wargaming IP

    Players accessing our games under the terms of the EULA are permitted to use Wargaming IP to create and share Player Content, provided that they do not violate any terms of the EULA and this Policy. Such Players are permitted to:

    1.1. Upload or livestream video guides, essays, reviews, walkthroughs, let’s play and gameplay videos on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch.

    1.2. Create, upload, and share fan art online.

    1.3. Capture screenshots for personal use and/or upload and share screenshots online.

    1.4. Create fan websites or fan pages for our games.

    1.5. Create and make available modifications for our games, subject to the Terms of Use.

    1.6. Use music that belongs to us to create Player Content relevant to Wargaming IP.

    2. Limitations and Restrictions

    2.1. Neither Wargaming IP nor Player Content may be used for commercial purposes, unless explicitly permitted below.

    2.2. Provided that the Player Content complies with the terms of the EULA and this Policy, you are allowed to monetise your Player Content via platform monetisation and accept donations (e.g., via YouTube and/or Twitch). However, you are not allowed to restrict Player Content behind any paywall, meaning that Player Content should always be made available to both paid and unpaid subscribers.

    2.3. You are not allowed to remix or use any music that belongs to us in a manner that is unrelated to Wargaming IP.

    2.4. The Player Content must be suitable for our audience and maintain the “7” rating given to our games by the Pan European Game Information board.

    2.5. Unless otherwise explicitly agreed by us, you may not create fan websites or fan pages that are identical to our official websites.

    2.6. Unless otherwise explicitly agreed by us, you must clearly state that we are not affiliated with you, and we do not endorse or support your Player Content in any way. Where reasonable, you should include and display the following notice alongside your Player Content:

    This work includes trademarks and/or copyrighted works that are the exclusive property of Wargaming. All rights reserved by Wargaming. This work is unofficial and is not endorsed by Wargaming.

    2.7. The Player Content or any other Wargaming IP should not be used or integrated within third-party games, products, or merchandise.

    2.8. The Player Content must not contain any material that may be considered offensive, defamatory, illegal, intolerant, xenophobic, dangerous, graphic, violent, sexual, misinformative or any material that could infringe the right to privacy.

    2.9. Do not use Wargaming IP to create anything which may infringe any intellectual property rights of third parties.

    2.10. If you make use of our trademarks as part of the Player Content, you must:

    a) Use such marks only in connection with Wargaming and Wargaming IP;

    b) Not cause any damage to the reputation and goodwill associated with Wargaming’s trademarks;

    c) Not register any domain that is identical or similar to our trademarks, company names and/or game names unless otherwise explicitly agreed to by us; and

    d) Not modify any of our trademarks.

    2.11. We reserve all other rights unrelated to Player Content and not expressly referred to in this Policy.

    2.12. We reserve the right to take legal action against players that misuse our games or other Wargaming IP.

    2.13. We can revoke, at any time, at our sole discretion, and for any reason, a player’s right to create and share Player Content.

    3. Ownership and License

    3.1. You own any original content you create, save for any part of the Player Content that is comprised by or incorporates any of our games or any other Wargaming IP.

    3.2. In case we wish to showcase, promote, and support your work, you grant us, from the moment of creation, a royalty-free, worldwide, non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, and freely sub-licensable licence to use, reproduce, modify, create and use derivative works from, exploit, distribute, transmit, perform, translate, host, make available, and communicate your Player Content on any platform, including third party platforms, relevant to and in connection with Wargaming IP.